Futbolvest FVEST airdrop
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FutbolVest Launches $FVEST Airdrop for Football Fans

FutbolVest, the Ultimate football protocol launching on Pulsechain and BSC has announced an Airdrop campaign for all football lovers. Passionate soccer fans can earn rewards for actively supporting their football teams. According to FutbolVest, 1,500,000 $FVEST tokens will be reserved for community airdrops which is 10% of total token supply. Fans will compete and engage […]

blackfort exchange
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Blackfort Exchange Network Airdrop: Get 100 BXN Tokens for Free

Blackfort Exchange Network is currently running a free 100 BXN token airdrop campaign to celebrate the launch of its native token BXN. This is a unique opportunity for users to effortlessly acquire BXN tokens and capitalize on the inherent value provided by the Blackfort ecosystem. How to Participate in the Blackfort Exchange Network Airdrop To […]

hunterswap airdrop
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HunterSwap First DEX on opBNB Launches Exciting Rewards

HunterSwap has achieved a significant milestone by successfully launching on the opBNB mainnet, a major step forward for the opBNB ecosystem. HunterSwap proudly stands as the very first decentralized exchange (DEX) on opBNB. To celebrate this remarkable accomplishment and showcase the immense potential of the BNB Chain, we have curated a series of exciting activities […]

testnets airdrops
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Exploring Testnets in 2023 with Airdrop Potentials

Testnets are instrumental in refining and testing blockchain networks before they are launched on the mainnet. They also provide exciting opportunities for users to earn airdrop rewards by actively participating in the network’s development. In 2023, let’s dive into some prominent testnets that hold the promise of airdrop rewards. 1. Binance Smart Chain (opBNB Testnet) […]

crypto airdrops
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Crypto Airdrops Guide for Beginners: Unlocking Free Tokens

Crypto airdrops have become an exciting way for blockchain projects to distribute free tokens to users. For beginners in the world of cryptocurrencies, airdrops can be a valuable opportunity to acquire tokens without making any financial investments. Popular protocols like Uniswap, DyDx, 1inch, Aptos gave out fortunes to community members that were active in testing […]