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Bass Exchange Ambassador Program

Bass Exchange has announced the first batch of it’s Bass Ambassador’s program. The Ambassador Program has been devised to empower both seasoned DeFi enthusiasts and newcomers, offering them comprehensive insights into Bass Exchange’s innovative technology and array of offerings. By leveraging various social media platforms, our Ambassadors play a pivotal role in disseminating information about Bass Exchange and propelling the project forward.

Bass Exchange Ambassador Roles

Ambassadors will work closely with Bass core team, with a primary focus on marketing and outreach to fuel the growth of Bass Exchange. They curate diverse content, encompassing Twitter threads, blog articles, videos, and Telegram updates. The content is centered around the following key areas:

  1. Breaking News and Updates: Ambassadors share the latest developments and updates related to Bass Exchange.
  2. In-depth Tutorials: They craft detailed tutorials that showcase the distinctive features and advantages of Bass Exchange’s platform.
  3. Reviews and Analyses: Ambassadors provide critical reviews and analyses of Bass Exchange’s platform and technology.
  4. Highlighting Milestones and Vision: They create articles that spotlight Bass Exchange’s significant milestones and future vision.
  5. Ecosystem Updates: Ambassadors keep the community informed about the evolving Bass Exchange ecosystem and strategic partnerships.
  6. Campaign and Event Announcements: They are responsible for announcing Bass Exchange’s campaigns and events to the wider audience.

Benefits of Being a Bass Ambassador

As a Bass Ambassador, you will enjoy an array of benefits, including:

  1. Monthly Financial Support: Receive monthly financial support in the form of BASS tokens.
  2. Exclusive Ambassador Role: Earn an exclusive Ambassador role within our Discord community.
  3. Direct Communication Channels: Enjoy privileged communication channels with our core team, facilitating direct engagement and collaboration.
  4. Early Access: Gain early access to new features and functionalities on the Bass Exchange platform.
  5. Exclusive Event Privileges: Avail exclusive benefits and enhanced positioning at upcoming Bass Exchange events.
  6. Support for Personal Events: Receive support for hosting personal events such as thread contests and WL Giveaways.
  7. Future Incentives: Benefit from future token airdrops and access to exclusive incentives.

Job Criteria

We are on the lookout for individuals who possess the following qualities:

  • Passionate DeFi Advocates: Individuals with a genuine passion for DeFi and a penchant for crafting engaging and analytical content.
  • Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs): Those with substantial social engagement metrics who can influence and shape discussions within the DeFi community.

Program Details

As officially announced, they are aiming to recruit a total of 5 Ambassadors. Ambassadors who consistently produce a minimum of four high-quality content pieces each month can expect to receive monthly rewards ranging from $350 to $1000 in BASS tokens. To apply for the program, fill out the Google form and be a part of their communities on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

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About Bass Exchange

Bass Exchange is an innovative stableswap protocol built on Base Network. It promises minimized slippage rate and boosted Real Yields. You can know more about them Here.

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