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BubbleAI hosts Catch the Killer Bubble Campaign

BubbleAI announced a Catch the Killer Bubble Event to hold on their Discord with the intention of rewarding early community members who have been contributing actively to their platform.

During the competition, community members can earn community XP each time they participate in a discussion or complete a task on Discord. As you accumulate XPs and reach certain levels, your account will level up and unlock more privileges. The first 300 users to reach Level 8 and invite 5 user will split a prize pool of $4000 ($2000 BBA tokens + $2000 USDT)!

What’s most thrilling is that the top 100 victors will be granted the exclusive Killer Bubble character, with full rights to the privileges listed below.

  • Priority replies from the BubbleAI team and founders
  • Priority access to test new product features
  • Access to the exclusive Killer Bubble text channel
  • Exclusive Killer Bubble role colour and badge
  • IDO Whitelist & Free mint NFT

BubbleAI Killer Bubble Character

Killer Bubble is one of the mysterious members of the BubbleAI Family. His whereabouts are unknown to most, and while all the other Bubbles have heard of his name, few have actually seen him in person.

Recently, something distressing happened in Bubble Town — part of Bubble King’s treasury was stolen! Bubble King has been very troubled by this. Based on the intelligence gathered so far, it seems highly likely that Killer Bubble took the opportunity during the Airdrop Event in Bubble Town to sneak in and steal the treasures. Knight Bubble has issued a bounty for any information leading to finding Killer Bubble, promising a handsome reward for the member who can help uncover the truth.

It’s said that Killer Bubble likes to hide in crowded places. Being around so many people makes him feel safe. He can disappear into the busy crowds. For this shy little bubble, there’s comfort in the hustle and bustle.

The plot thickens in Bubble Town! Where could Killer Bubble be hiding? Can he be persuaded to return the stolen goods? Let’s liven up Bubble Town to coax shy little Killer Bubble out of hiding!

Campaign Details

Time: The “Catch the killer Bubble” campaign will last for 3 days from 12:00(UTC +0) on September 14, 2023 to 12:00((UTC +0) on September 17, 2023.

Location: BubbleAI’s Discord

Winning criteria

  1. Complete the tasks on Galxe
  2. Reach level 8 on Discord
  3. Invite at least 3people to the BubbleAI Discord


bubble ai killer bubble

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BubbleAI is a professional off-chain data analysis platform with the fastest news media capture speed in the industry and top-notch AI sentiment analysis tools, which can help traders make the quickest trading decisions. Currently, BubbleAI has received millions of dollars in funding from Lux Capital and formed strategic partnerships with professional on-chain data platforms such as 0xscope and ioTeX.

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