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Crypto Coins NFT Collection Launch

Crypto Coins NFT collection is set to be launched by Coin Master in what they term the First World NFT Coin Collection. It promises to be something really unique as each coin has many randomly generated components, secrets, and legends.

Crypto Coins are a collection of  randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain with several utilities. You can be sure that you’re getting nothing short of the best in this event.

Crypto Coins NFT Utilities

These digital collectibles comes from merging three worlds: NFTs, Coin Collecting and Cryptocurrencies

We’ll begin the development of educational crypto games where any owner of our coins will be able to access the games for free and get a lot of bonuses.

After the release of our games, we will launch championships with the opportunity to win cash prizes. Owners of our NFTs will have the opportunity to play for free.

Collecting is one of our basic human hobbies. Some do it for the pleasure and satisfaction of seeking and owning them, others seek status or prestige. Other collectors are fascinated with history as they believe that the accumulation of rare or vintage coins will be profitable. Coins collecting means learning everything about them as each coin has a unique story.

Collecting coins is all about the thrill of the hunt. many people continue collecting because they enjoy social interaction. this is an excellent hobby for people who want to make friends. Coin collectors can supplement coin albums or coin holders with new coin sets.

Mint Details

Total Supply: 10,000

Mint Price: TBA

Network: Ethereum

Mint Date: TBA

Mint Platform: TBA

About Crypto Coins NFT Collection

crypto Coins is a collection of 10,000 random-generated nfts (non-fungible tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain. This safely allows you to hold and closely inspect all coins in full detail. this collection includes the most popular cryptocurrencies by market cap. Each coin is unique and limited in circulation.

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