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FutbolVest Launches $FVEST Airdrop for Football Fans

FutbolVest, the Ultimate football protocol launching on Pulsechain and BSC has announced an Airdrop campaign for all football lovers. Passionate soccer fans can earn rewards for actively supporting their football teams.

According to FutbolVest, 1,500,000 $FVEST tokens will be reserved for community airdrops which is 10% of total token supply. Fans will compete and engage in various tasks to test their level of football knowledge and community engagement. According to official sources, participants can earn $tFVEST tokens which is the testnet version of $FVEST and get the equivalent tokens after TGE.

$FVEST Airdrop Details

Fans can earn $tFVEST tokens from various campaigns aimed to foster football knowledge and community engagement. Participants will receive $FVEST tokens equivalent to $tFVEST earned during the campaign period which is expected to end on October 30. The airdrop will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis till allocations are exhausted.

The various ways of earning $tFVEST include:

  • FutbolVest Community Social tasks on TwitterZealy etc
  • Weekly Football prediction Campaigns
  • Partnership Campaigns

About FutbolVest

FutbolVest is a new football fan project that aims to reward passionate football fans across the globe. Football fans are the most committed to teams but still spend funds to support the teams they love. However, they’re least rewarded despite the enormous revenue accruing to clubs. FutbolVest is out to change the narrative and make football more exciting!

$FVEST token is the native token of the FutbolVest platform. The token is used to reward users for participating in the platform’s ecosystem. $FVEST will be launched on Pulsechain and BSC networks.

$FVEST token holders can earn $HEX reflections from 2% of transaction fees. Providing native LPs will earn stakers some good APR rewards. Holding $FVEST guarantees one access to monthly and weekly football competitions to earn exciting rewards. Holders can also buy exclusive Merch items from the store at a discount with their tokens. With more utilities to be added, $FVEST is created to reward holders passively and make football more fun.

Check the Official communities of FutbolVest to know more about the project and $FVEST token.

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