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HunterSwap First DEX on opBNB Launches Exciting Rewards

HunterSwap has achieved a significant milestone by successfully launching on the opBNB mainnet, a major step forward for the opBNB ecosystem. HunterSwap proudly stands as the very first decentralized exchange (DEX) on opBNB.

To celebrate this remarkable accomplishment and showcase the immense potential of the BNB Chain, we have curated a series of exciting activities that offer limitless opportunities. We cordially invite you to embark on this thrilling journey with us!

Hunterswap Activity Rewards

Participate in our activities for a chance to win COMBO tokens, ranging from 0.1 to a whopping 10,000 tokens, from a total pool of 1 million COMBO tokens. Reward distribution will be based on transaction rankings.

Date: September 15th to September 29th

Mint Your Exclusive NFT on the opBNB Chain

Hunter, embodying the essence of HunterSwap with its attributes of strength, agility, and boundless potential, takes center stage. In honor of this occasion, we have prepared exclusive NFTs on the opBNB Chain. Join the hunt, mint your NFT, and reap the rewards in HunterSwap!

Please note that each wallet is eligible to mint only one Hunter NFT, and users will receive one of the four Hunters at random.

How to mint Hunter NFT

  • Visit Hunterswap’s mint website and connect your website to opBNB
  • Complete the social tasks by joining their social communities on Discord, Twitter and Telegram
  • Click on Mint to mint your NFT. Gas fees should cost around $0.08 worth of BNB. You can view your NFT in My NFT

About HunterSwap

HunterSwap employs Automated Market Making (AMM) to enable secure and trustless cryptocurrency trades without the need for intermediaries or order books, thereby avoiding the custody of centralized exchanges. This approach allows you to bypass costly gas fees and network congestion while taking advantage of the unmatched security mechanisms of the opBNB mainnet, which offers transactions that are 100 times cheaper and faster. Furthermore, the transactions per second (TPS) can be scaled up significantly, enabling users to enjoy cost-effective on-chain interactions seamlessly. Join us on opBNB’s pioneering DEX, HunterSwap, and experience the future of decentralized trading!


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