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Huobi Rebrands to HTX, Unveils Global Expansion Plans

Popular virtual assets exchange Huobi has re branded to HTX in celebration of its tenth anniversary as it ushers in a new era of possibilities. Huobi may be following the footsteps of other top exchanges like OKX formerly known as Okex and GNX(OPNX) as they seek to adapt in the ever changing crypto world.

The exchange has recently undergone a re branding process, which is evident from the changes made to its social media profiles and the adjustment of several product lines to align with the new branding, including the transformation of HTX Earn.

The rebranding concept was interpreted as follows: ‘H’ represents Huobi, ‘T’ symbolizes TRON, signifying a strong commitment to the TRON ecosystem, and ‘X’ represents the exchange itself. The combination of HT and X is explained as follows: HT signifies the native token of the platform, while X represents the exchange. Additionally, the exchange mentioned that X also symbolizes the Roman numeral for the number ten, commemorating the exchange’s tenth anniversary. This rebranding marks a new era for the platform, fostering synergy between HTX, TRON, and Poloniex.

Notably, Huobi advisor Justin Sun is scheduled to attend the Token2049 event in Singapore. He is slated to speak on September 14 in the afternoon with Huobi delivering a press conference in the morning.

Huobi HTX’s new Mission in a New Era

HTX’s revamped mission is to establish a metaverse free gateway with the goal of achieving financial freedom for the global population, totaling 8 billion individuals. HTX is embarking on a strategic growth plan encompassing four key pillars: global expansion, a thriving ecosystem, generating wealth, and prioritizing security and compliance.

The global expansion strategy will see HTX entering new markets worldwide, focusing on regions with promising prospects while maintaining a balanced growth trajectory. HTX remains committed to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market. With a primary emphasis on growth and profitability, HTX is committed to delivering professional services and a diverse range of products to users worldwide. These offerings include PrimeVote, Flexi Max, Shark Fin, among others. HTX also plans to forge strategic partnerships with public blockchain platforms like TRON, cross-chain protocols like BitTorrent Chain, and stablecoin projects like TrueUSD. Furthermore, HTX intends to expand its collaboration efforts with various projects, public blockchains, and stablecoin initiatives, fostering a multi-dimensional business ecosystem.

HTX adopts a meticulous approach to asset selection by prioritizing quality and timeliness. The community will play a pivotal role in choosing which assets to list on the platform. Following the rebrand, HTX’s listing strategy enters a new phase characterized by the expansion of its ecosystem through the addition of new assets. The platform will introduce premium and popular assets from around the world, including high-potential projects with substantial trading volumes, popularity, and new trends. 

As part of its strategic vision, HTX is committed to deepening collaborations with mainstream ecosystems, encompassing public chains, Layer 2 solutions, memecoins among others. This collaborative approach aims to ensure that HTX remains at the forefront of innovation while catering to the diverse needs of its users. HTX also places a strong emphasis on community involvement by empowering its users to have a say in the selection of assets to be listed on the platform.

Furthermore, HTX is dedicated to fostering the sustainable growth of decentralization within the cryptocurrency space. One of its key initiatives involves reducing the risks associated with centralized crypto trading for its users. To achieve this, HTX is implementing a globally distributed user asset custody system, coupled with round-the-clock customer support. This strategic move ensures the platform’s continued operation even in the face of policy changes in individual countries or regions.

In addition to this, HTX is committed to providing regular updates on its Merkle tree-based Proof of Reserves, enhancing transparency and trust within its ecosystem. Furthermore, the platform is taking proactive measures by establishing risk reserve and liquidity funds, bolstering its overall financial stability. HTX’s unwavering dedication to security and user satisfaction underscores its commitment to providing a reliable and resilient trading environment for its growing user base.

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