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Ice Network Airdrop and How to Mine ICE tokens

Ice Network is a new digital currency that you can mine or earn from any mobile device. It is based on a community of trust delivered by a growing number of users who want to prove that digital currencies retain value and can be used in various use cases. Since their remarkable launch in July 7th 2023, Ice has experienced a remarkable growth with more than 3,500,000 joining the network.

Ice Network Airdrop

Ice Network is currently running an airdrop campaign to reward early adopters of the network. To be eligible for the airdrop, you need to:

  • Register and download the Ice Network app from the Google Play Store or App Store. You’ll get 10 ICE tokens by signing up using my referral link.
  • Create an account and verify your email address.
  • Start mining ICE.

The more ICE you mine, the more ICE you will receive in the airdrop. The airdrop will be distributed in proportion to the amount of ICE mined by each user.

How to Mine ICE

To mine ICE, you simply need to open the Ice Network app and tap on the “Mine” button. You can mine ICE every 24 hours.

You can also boost your mining rate by mining with friends. For each friend that mines ICE at the same time as you, you both receive a 25% bonus on your mining rate.

To mine ICE with friends:

  1. Open the Ice Network app and tap on the “Invite Friends” button. If you’re yet to join, follow this link to be a part.
  2. Choose your preferred social button to invite a new friend or copy your unique invite code.
  3. Send to your friend(s) to join you.
  4. Once your friend has accepted your invitation and registered, you can start mining ICE together.

Tips for Mining ICE tokens

  • Mine ICE every 24 hours to maximize your mining rate.
  • Mine with friends to boost your mining rate by 25%.
  • Invite more friends to join the Ice Network to earn even more ICE.
  • Stake your Ice tokens for up to 5 years to increase your mining rate by 250% maximum.

About Ice Network

Ice is a new digital currency with a lot of potential. Ice is a new digital currency that you can mine (or earn) from any mobile device. The Ice project has been imagined to bring back trust in digital assets and deliver a true sense of community for users who don’t have the financial resources to mine Bitcoin or are simply too late to enter the game.

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