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Kirin Labs to Launch NFT Collection on Solana

Kirin Labs NFT collection is set to launch on Solana as it seeks to empower the Web3 ecosystem with utility tools. With a limited supply of 2222 and great utilities, this collection is set to restore the NFT craze on Solana. According to the innovative team behind Kirin Labs, holding an NFT grants access to all Kirin Lab’s tools, including the 7 that are already live below:

DAB: The first Fractionalized Alpha Calling System

K-Lock: A platform that includes the 5 main keys to a healthy community. A 25 second on-chain verification system, a real time sales bot, a whitelist wallet collector, rarity checker, and data display aggregators.

Mikuko AIO: An all-in-one software supporting 35 minting and sniping modules as well as a large range of wallet management features.

Burnooor: Allowing projects to customize their own burning mechanisms and users to compete for bragging rights.

Questoor: : The ultimate organic engagement platform: set your quest (we’re supporting discord and twitter API) Earn points by engaging, writing threads, reacting to Discord announcements and more. Those points can then be used to redeem rewards like premium whitelist spots-with many more prizes in the works.

The Shop: This tool helps set up your shop with SPL integrations-so tokens can be used to redeem WL, NFTs, and more with the project’s native token!

Realm: This is the first anti-bot raffle whitelist platform that allows founders and CMs to choose the when, how, and who is eligible to claim your WL. Omitting all bots through our top-notch algorithm and IP detection software to ensure a fair & bot free experience.

Mint Details

Date: 15th September 12, 2023

Network:  Solana

Total supply: 2222

Mint Price: 3.3 Sol

Mint Platform: Magic Eden

About Kirin Labs

Kirin labs is a tech-based company, committed to pushing the space forward through innovation, creation, and with the development of B2B and B2C products to help simplify peoples lives in the NFT ecosystem and bring new concepts to their communities! We have already developed 7 B2B/B2C self-sufficient products before mint. Each of them is a great solution or improvement for any web3 company and Kirin Labs holders will be benefiting from it.

Our goal is bold, ambitious, and exactly what the web3 ecosystem needs right now. We’re not just building technology, we’re building an ecosystem through different platforms, services, and protocols, whilst using game theory to drastically improve your web3 experience. All of us have our part to play in building this future, and we’re passionate about our role.

Kirin Labs currently employs over 22 people and has invested over $90,000 into our products and this ecosystem. We’ve developed many comprehensive solutions to many of the challenges we see in the ecosystem, and solutions to simplify the process for everyone.

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