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Patex Ecosystem IDO to hold on Wepad

Patex Ecosystem, the pioneer and biggest blockchain ecosystem in Latin America will be hosting the IDO for $PATEX token on popular launchpad Wepad. The token sale is scheduled to hold on 15th of September. Patex aims to bring blockchain solutions to the Latin American region. Let’s know why Patex is a game changer.

Core components of Patex Ecosystem

Patex offers a diverse range of products that includes:

    C-Patex Exchange — A centralized cryptocurrency exchange that provides regulation, management, and launch capabilities for CBDCs and cryptocurrencies.

    Patex Campus — An educational platform designed to familiarize individuals with the world of Web3 and equip them with the skills to pursue careers within this domain.

    Patex Network — A Layer 2 blockchain that facilitates the issuance and tracking of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and other cryptocurrencies.

    $PATEX Token: It provides utility within the C-Patex Exchange and other ecosystem products, allowing users to access exclusive features and earn rewards.

    Activity Mining: A recurring reward system that incentivizes users based on their transaction activity recorded on the native chain.

    Patex Wallet: A native non-custodial, cross-chain crypto wallet that enables the secure storage, sending, and receiving of cryptocurrencies within the Patex ecosystem and other networks.

    Proof of Value: A consensus mechanism that supports activity mining, where users are compensated by Patex Network validators in ETH, utilizing transaction fees as the source.

    Patex Bridge: A cross-chain token transfer solution that facilitates cross-chain swaps between the Patex and other networks.

    Patex Explorer: An on-chain analytics platform that offers insights into assets, contracts, balances, and transactions, ensuring transparency within the ecosystem.

Patex Hackathon: An innovative event that encourages collaboration and development on the Patex network.

All-in-one CBDC solution: Patex’s uniqueness lies in its focus on CBDC trading and its role in driving the digitalization of Latin American economies. With a deep understanding of the successful implementation of China’s digital yuan, Patex is at the forefront of facilitating currency digitalization in the region.

Why Patex Ecosystem is unique?

Reward system for validators: Introducing Patex Proof of Value, where participants contribute to the network’s growth and get rewarded. It aligns community support with monetary incentives, ensuring shared benefits. Benefits include earning up to 450 $PATEX per day and a referral program with a 20% commission. Validators receive 50% of transaction fees, while the remaining 50% replenish the Proof of Value fund to buy $PATEX tokens.

$PATEX Token Utilities

Patex ecosystem $PATEX token utilities

$PATEX IDO Details

Total funds to Raise: $200,000

Price per Token: $0.95

Date: September 15

Network: Ethereum

Launchpad platform: Wepad

Vesting: Unlock 15% at TGE, cliff for 1 month, then linear vesting over 12 months

About Patex Ecosystem

Patex Ecosystem is the pioneer and biggest blockchain ecosystem in Latin America, revolutionizing the industry.

It serves as a bridge between regulators and users, catering to the unique needs of Latin America. Patex Ecosystem introduces its over 3.8 million user base to the vast array of products within the ecosystem.

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